A caravan and tow vehicle combination that has an overall length equal to or greater than 7.5m is permitted to carry a “Do not overtake turning vehicle” warning.

This warning entitles the vehicle to ‘straddle’ or momentarily occupy an adjacent lane when making a turn, with other following vehicles required to give way. The warning can be displayed as a separate sign, or incorporated on the left-hand or both rear marking plates. Typical signage may look like the signs depicted on the lower right side of this page.

It is important to note that straddling adjacent lanes whilst turning without the warning sign displayed may be illegal in some jurisdictions, and that some jurisdictions prohibit the use of this signage on vehicle combinations less than 7.5m long.

For more information on the use and fitment of Rear Marking Plates you may wish to refer to Standards Bulletin VSB 12 – Rear Marking Plates