Tyre Contact & Steering Effectiveness

Weight can alter both the tyre contact patch and steering effectiveness. When carrying weight in the rear of your vehicle the tyre contact at the front is greatly reduced.  That’s why it’s important to know the effects of weight on your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

In this video let’s take a look at why weight matters when it comes to your vehicles wheel alignment.  Adding weight can alter wheel alignment and further limit the amount of tyre contact with the road.

Suspensions Travel & Weight Transfer

In this video we talk about the effects of weight on a vehicle and how weight can impact the suspension travel. An overloaded vehicle can frequently hit the bump stops causing limited suspension travel. This can lead to extra wear and tear on the vehicles chassis components.

Payload & Accessories Weight

In this video Neil Crompton talks about the role that payload can have on the weight of your vehicle. Items like accessories can add significant weight to your car.  So it’s important to be mindful of the impact on your weight.  This video is ideal for those that tow a caravan or carry loads for living.